The Awesome Book of Space

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       December 17, 2018


Author  Adam Frost

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN:                 9781408896501
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Release Date:   October 2018  


Space as everyone knows, is an amazing place that even thought scientists everywhere for centuries have studied and been fascinated by the unknown aspects of this massive entity, there is still much to be discovered and much to be blown away with, the more time passes.

In The AWESOME book of Space, Adam Frost has collected so many awesome facts that it almost makes your mind boggle  as many of them are small; not exactly stuff that would stop the world, but facts that are fascinating like, ‘How long would it take to deliver  pizza to the International Space Station’ and quirky but necessary inventions such as the ‘Anti-Gravity Space Pen’ so letters can be written, as normal pens won’t work because of, you guessed it, gravity!

Mind bending facts such as the amount of litter there is now on the Moon, remembering that before man went there the place was very clean and tidy, how many languages earthlings speak, and investigation as to why creatures, such as which animals have been to space and which one has not, are there to be discovered.

Is it true that aliens have already been to earth and the spaceships sighted on a regular basis and which day out of the year is the best one to be able to spot an alien craft flying by? Do you know?

Some of the other topics great for discovery are ‘Here Be Monsters’, which includes Dracula’s problem of where best to find a great dark place to hang out in, a ‘Day in the Life’ which discovers what would happen if all of life’s and earth’s history were crammed into just one 24-hour day.

Fascinating, intriguing and delivering Science in a way that will appeal to a broad audience, Adam Frost has, with the help of some zany graphics and engaging facts, developed a book that will keep readers intrigued for days and months and even years, as well as providing a host of ridiculous questions for quiz nights and endless family fun.

Bet you can’t find the most disgusting fact in the whole book, and no, its not the one about farting!