The Sisters Saint-Claire and the Royal Mouse Ball

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 15, 2018


Author  Carlie Gibson, illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie

Distributor:      A&U Childrens
ISBN:                 9781760523640
Publisher:         A&U Childrens
Release Date:   November 2018  


In a dainty little story created from rhyming couplets, five French mice, all who love fashion, food and of course all things French, come to the help of their Queen Julie S Cheeser, who wants to hold a Royal ball, but somehow can’t get it quite right, as nearly all of the lovely mice from the township feel they simply will not be able to go to the ball, because they do not have clothing suitable to wear.

This puts poor Queen Julie in a terrible situation, but what to do? She finds her way to the home of Harriet, Violet, Beatrice, Minette, little Cecile and their parents and asks what it is that is preventing the invited guests from accepting her invitation.

They invite her in for a cup of tea and help Queen Julie solve the sad situation with ease. Because they all love fashion, and because they have always had to be careful with the money they spend, all the mice have always shopped for their fashion very carefully, never overspending and always making something new, out of something old.

A plan is created to issue another invitation, this time inviting all the mice to come to the ball in outfits made from things in their own house. What a wonderful idea.

This is a gorgeous and delicate story about, family, friends and being happy with what you have, as well as carefully illustrating the point that sometimes, even thought you think everyone else is better off than you, because they have everything they ever wanted, this is not always the case.

As this is the second adventure for the Sisters Saint-Claire, it sets the standard for what is sure to be more wonderful rhyming storylines from Clair Gibson. The illustrations from Tamsin Ainslie create a delightful old-world charm which complements the text beautifully. On many of the pages so many little items are there to be discovered making this a book that will appeal to little girls who love fashion, tiny little bits and bobs and a really good mouse tale to tell.