The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes: The Crumbling Castle

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 31, 2020


Author  Brenda Gurr. Illustrations Nancy Leschnikoff.

Distributor:      New Frontier
ISBN:                 978-1-925594-97-3
Publisher:         New Frontier
Release Date:   March 2020  


The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia JakesThe Crumbling Castle, a new series from Brenda Gurr, created around cakes, magic and mayhem, has a created an unlikely heroine, who perfectly fits the role of a gifted and magically inspired creator of marvelous cakes. The quirky illustrations from Nancy Leschnikoff round out the story-line beautifully.

Zoë’s Mum passed away a long time ago and her Dad travels the world as a famous Food critique and writer. When he is away Zoe’s aunt, Jam, is the adult in charge. Jam is musician who also has a rather different way of looking at life, along with their cat Coco; a cat who surely has more than some magic in her makeup! There is also Zoë’s very best friend Addie, who simply loves to join in whatever adventure is about to happen.

Now, in the town where they live is a pastry-cook who makes the most divine cakes which are delivered, very secretively, to people who ring up and order one for special occasions, The cakes are so fantastically tasty and gloriously special, people think there simply must be some witchcraft involved at the very least.

On this particular day, one of the ladies taking part in the towns Medieval Fair, ordered a special Zinnia Jakes cake for her stand, with only a few days to go before the Fair opens. But on the night before the Fair was to open Zinnia Jakes was asked to deliver the cake at 9am, right at the beginning of the day.

Will the Zinnia Jakes cake make it to the Fair in one piece and on time, but more importantly, can Zoe remain the unknown, secretive, pastry chef behind Zinnia Jakes Cakes?

Even though I am seriously adult, and a grandparent one at that, I completely enjoyed this madcap romp with one amazingly little girl, Zoe Jones and her slightly abstract way of going about, simply being Zoe Jones.

Look out for more Zinnia Jakes fabulous adventures later in 2020.