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Imaginary Edges

It is more than thirty years since the legendary Mike Clay and maestro of the mixing and production desk Tom Moore, teamed up together to create Mike Clay’s first electronic album under the name of Crystal. During the challenging months of 2020 Clay returned to his roots and has released a new album Imaginary Edges, once again with the input of Tom Moore, to create a work that is pure imagination and captures the very essence of the genre known as ‘space music’.

Space Music is a musical smorgasbord of electronica which is at the same time both innovative, dreamy and unfettered by what is often considered the ‘norm’ for electronica. Drifting and dreamless Imaginary Edges encourages nothing more than to settle back into nice comfortable place or space, close the eyes and allow the mind to begin to take you on a journey to wherever in space you choose to travel. The space is also of your choosing.

There are no guides, guidelines or expectations, just a clear, open panorama to drift among, the sites to be discovered of your own creation. A space music essential ingredient is that it does, in so many ways, pay homage to the mysteries that are to be discovered in space; mysteries that hundreds of years on are perhaps not so mysterious, but with the immensity of the spaces and places yet undiscovered, still held in awe.

Mike Clay has set up a new studio on Maui, Dreaming Sun, and as he has retired into the world of music, it will be interesting to see what is created in this new space. The night skies over Maui are something special and if Imaginary Edges is any indication of what is to come, the genre of ambient meditation music and electronic ‘space’ music is in for a real treat.

Considering his music to be ‘soundtracks for inner journeys’, Clay invites everyone into to their personal journey of peace and dreams in Imaginary Edges.

Distributor HeartDance Records
Released August 2020
Artists Mike Clay