Eff This! Meditation

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       January 26, 2020


Author  Liza Kindred

Distributor:      Murdoch Books
ISBN:                 9781631066368
Publisher:         Quarto US
Release Date:   November 2019  


Everything feels right about this book. The title is amusing and curious, the size is good for holding something sturdy, and the introduction comforting. The author has some fine points to make in the introduction and suggests that it is more to do with a sick society, than our own perspective that gets us down. Rather than focussing on what’s wrong about you, she suggests that we find ways to cope with the broken world we live in. She also suggests there are many ways to use the book. One can read it right through or just select the interesting parts, or open at random pages. It sounds easy and satisfying to use this in your own way and time.

There are some key threads woven through the exercises. They are, “Meditation, Nature, Movement, Breathing, and others. This book is aimed at helping the reader to make the best of themselves and to be gentle with themselves. Now we have relaxed and can accept the fact there is no pressure to perform or memorise. The first part of the book has one-minute exercises. If you only have one minute there are some quick fired ways to be calmer and actually slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. These exercises have been scientifically tested.

When a little more time is available, there are five-minute exercises to practice. There are simple yoga stretches, breathing techniques, and lists to make. Exploring essential oils sounds like fun, and if there is a perfume that you really enjoy, a diffuser may be set up. Mindful eating is another fun thing to do for those who love their food.

There are twenty-minute practices, hour long practices or longer ones. As the author suggests, you can just flip through the book and find what works for you. The Helpful Tips section at the bottom of each page is certainly worth reading. One of them suggests you name the emotion that is bothering you then ask it to leave. I have the feeling that this is a wonderful book to have for all of us who have anxious moments. However, it seems that younger people may find many of the simpler tasks and suggestions as revelations. Only good and healing ideas can be produced by reading and acting on the suggestions given.