The Man in the Water

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       January 21, 2020


Author  David Burton

Distributor:      UQP
ISBN:                 978 0 7022 6252 4
Publisher:         UQP
Release Date:   Octoner 2019  


What would a young rural teenager do if he found a body floating in a lake? David Burton spins this scenario into a captivating, page turning teen’s novel.

Shaun, the protagonist, lives in a declining rural mining town in Queensland and is the son of a single parent. He finds the body which later disappears. By being determined to discover the answer to the questions of who, what, when and why of this finding, Shaun uncovers some of the unspoken problems within his community. He and his friend, Will become the detectives in this fascinating story of mystery and crime. Their sleuthing, interfering and snooping places them into some dangerous situations, which highlight the darker side of their town.

‘The Man in the Water’ is a fast paced novel, which keeps the reader guessing until the final pages; the twist at the end was quite unpredictable. The author exposes the reader to the underlying issues of suicide, mental health, and the impact of ‘fly in/ fly out’ workers on the well-being of small rural towns.

Mid teen will find this an easy holiday read, which provides the reader with clues to solve the mystery of ‘the man in the water’.