Enlightenment To Go

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  David Michie

ISBN:                 978 1 4237 222 8
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


Even if you know nothing at all about Buddhism but are looking for a better, more fruitful, less stressful way of living your life, this is a definite read for you. Or even if you’re not and simply want a great read, get a copy and get into it.

David Michie had it all – great job, great life, great stress, great money and deep unhappiness. He realised there had to be more to living that just more. Moving to Perth, Australia, created some changes in his life but not enough – he was still driven to be the biggest and the best.

Eventually he found himself moving towards a more meditative lifestyle aided and encouraged by the teachings and wisdoms of Shatideva, an Indian sage who lived 1200 years ago. Shantideva realised the great wisdoms of life should be written down for future generations and set about doing this in an age where this was largely unheard. Interestingly though, the wisdoms of then and the life pace of now are conjoined in so many ways.

The poetry of Shantideva as explained in Enlightenment To Go, sets you thinking, engages the emotions, leads you into an understanding of why you do the things you do in life and helps you understand the pathway to compassion– something which is becoming very rare in today’s society – thereby encouraging the transformation of self into a better, more understanding person.

In this his latest offering, Michie shares with you his pathway and encourages you to take that first huge step to a better, more relaxing life.

So take that huge step forward into the transformation of your life and gain a better understanding of why Tibetan Buddhism reaches out and satisfies the needs of the Western society more and more.