New Vegetarian Kitchen

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Nicola Graimes

ISBN:                 978-1-84899-035-7
Publisher:         DCP Publishers
Release Date:    


Impressive, flamboyant, celebratory and a totally fantastic, fresh look at the humble vegetable is all ensconced within the pages of a lime green cover and a large silver V making this one of the most understated books that will ever make its place onto the bookshelf in your kitchen.

Hidden away behind the covers are such sumptuous dishes as Blinis with Aubergine Caviar and Honey Figs, Yakisoba with Tofu and Golden Cashew Wasabi, rubbing shoulders with Chestnut, Stilton and Ale Puff Pastry Pie, just to name a few of the mouth-watering  offerings giving a new taste sensation to vegetarian foods.

Divided up into sections dealing with frying, baking, steaming and raw methods food preparation, as well as basic cooking technique, is explained in such a manner that novice or not you will be able to create the dishes with relative ease.

There is something for every palate and meal style, from the dinner party to casual dining, which will impress and best of all taste terrific.

Desserts rate high in each of the sections presenting a collection of dishes to make you drool. Quick and simple is Almond and Amoretti Peach Crumble or for a spot of something a little more refreshing try Watermelon and Vodka Crush with Pomegranate. Not to be outdone the humble chocolate is presented as Chocolate, Ginger, Almond and Cherry Slab. Need I say more unless of course you fancy Mango Sushi, which is far more delicious than you may believe.

For those looking for a change from the same ol’, same ol’ for dinner every night, or something so totally different to impress the guests,  grab a copy of this inspiring revamp of what used to be vegies and fruit and celebrate a taste sensation. Your palate will totally approve.