PUG: How to be the Best You

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       October 27, 2017


Author  Helen James

Distributor:      Exile Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925335620
Publisher:         Exile Publishing
Release Date:   October 2017  

Website:    https://exislepublishing.com 

Everyone needs this book in their life. It is a wonderful, simple guide to a happy, healthy way of peaceful living. It’s a book that almost needs a hug. The author is to be congratulated on the messages she has to share and the way she has presented it.

 PUG, standing for PHILOSOPHICAL UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE, is a series of short passages under such headings as “The Journey, Wonder, Sing, Compassion,” and many others. Most of the messages are only three or four lines, but each word has been chosen with great care to reflect how you can become a better person, and more content with life. For example, the message under “Confidence” says, “To explore new ground, you need to have faith in yourself. When following another, make sure you pick the right leader.”

 The illustrations which accompany this gathering of wisdom are simply delightful. They explain the text admirably, and are quite lovely to examine. There is such a variety of expressions on the pug’s face that each page is a pleasure to scan. As you read the text and the pictures, one cannot help but smile, as the pug makes a point of emphasizing the text. Each double page includes a full page illustration, and the opposite page contains the text. The author must love pugs very much, as her introduction describes the breed of dog that has travelled the world, lived with Chinese Emperors, Tibetan Monks and European Royalty.

 At first glance the hard back picture book seems like a child’s book; perhaps this is because it is suitable for all ages and stages of life. A child would delight in the illustrations and listen to text, while an adult would get a very different message from the wisdom that is passed on.

  “Trying to be your best self “, is not an aim exclusively for adults, but for all of us who do need reminding about the joy that is to be had in a life. As Pug says, “The world abounds with creatures who can point the way.”