The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-Care

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 17, 2023


Author  Maggie Haseman

Distributor:      Amazon
ISBN:                 979-8886086447
Publisher:         Rockridge Press
Release Date:   November 2022  


Maggie Haseman has for many years been a ‘witch’ in the best sense of the word and decided that her particular ‘space’ in her home would be the kitchen. It would be a space of peace, healing, relaxation, meditation and creating good food with both healing and therapeutic properties, along with all the feel good vibes that come with preparing good food with love and enjoyment.

The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-care has been styled as a book for beginners. Haseman has carefully set out the chapters to offer clear guidance and understanding about herbs, healing, even the use of tea leaves or well-constructed teas, to aid healing and relaxation and the ability to be able to create holistic remedies from produce easily sourced or grown in a home garden.

Although the title The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-care indicates it may only be for those who are interested in witchcraft, ‘hocus pocus’ and more, it is not. It is for anyone who has a curiosity about the healing, health benefits and the spiritual aspects of wellness and basically, a range of food items.

She is very clear about this in the first section of the book where she details the art of ‘kitchen witchcraft’, making it accessible for anyone from the more advance spiritual seeker to the newcomer.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the book, once you get past the food aspect, is the section on self-care, something we are all wont to neglect, which does not just relate to Witches. She spends time setting out how this can be done with very little effort but with very great benefit to body, mind and soul.

There is a huge amount of information contained within the chapters on herbs, plants, spells – only if you want too- and much more which takes some time to read, but makes this a book that is an excellent reference, as well as recipe book.

Captured within the pages there are some delicious recipes that are not only mouth-watering but easy to prepare as well. Some may already be firm favourites and others seriously tempting enough to try out with their healing benefits listed with the recipes.

The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-care is the perfect guide to encourage a refreshing return to the magic and holistic properties of not just your kitchen space, but a whole new regime of self-care in your special place in your home.