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Upside-Down Friday

Hugo the monkey does not like Fridays; they are days when nothing at all seems to be right. It is sports day at school and simply everything is different. Lunch is at morning tea time and smiles appear like frowns. The day is the wrong way round, and there is nothing Hugo can do to a make it the right way round!

Hugo’s Mum loves Fridays and really can’t see what it is about a day that is just a little bit different that makes Hugo so upset. After all it is only one day in the week when things are different!

Lana Spasevski and Nicky Johnston have woven a beautiful story with cheeky watercolour illustrations in Upside Down Friday. Based around building emotional resilience by facing the ‘butterflies in your stomach’ Hugo  learns that even though sometimes things are different and a little bit scary, once you try, somehow everything comes out right side up.

Hugo and his happy caring friends help him understand about change becoming every day, and the fun that can be had when you are very brave.

A lovely red balloon along with a very helpful red umbrella, which just happens to be the colour of his sports team, keep Hugo safe and help him understand that even Upside Down Friday, can become right side up Friday, with a little bit of help from your friends.

Author Lana Spasevski. Illustrations Nicky Johnston
Publisher EK/Exisle Publications
ISBN 9781925820850
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released April 2021