Famous Five Graphic Novel: Five on a Treasure Island: Book 1

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       February 8, 2022


Author  Enid Blyton. Graphics Beja and Natael.

Distributor:      Hachette Australia
ISBN:                 9781444963670 |
Publisher:         Hachette Australia
Release Date:   February 2022  

Website:    https://www.hachette.com.au 

Even though Enid Blyton’s books have sold millions of copies and were translated into other languages more than any other children’s author, this is the first time her “Famous Five” story has been retold as a graphic novel in ‘The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island’.

Julian, Dick, Anne, Cousin George and loyal dog Timmy – The Famous Five – who meet for the first time in Kirrin, spent their holiday together exploring what is left of George’s wealthy great-great-grandfather’s estate on Kirrin Island.  While they are exploring they find a shipwreck off the Island and wonder if there is still a treasure to be found.

Should they undertake the risky crossing with its howling winds and giant waves?  Is there even a treasure to be found in the old castle?  Will they be able to keep one step ahead of the devilish antiques’ dealer, who has his eye on the treasure?

With its eye catching illustrations and clear text, this graphic novel will appeal to emerging independent readers, who will enjoy this 1942 tale as much as their forefathers before them did.  Watch out for more ‘Famous Five’ stories in this format coming soon.