Thank You For Looking After Our Pets

Reviewed By  Kelcey Ellis       November 26, 2014


Author  Tim Hopgood

ISBN:                 9780857071156
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster
Release Date:    


This book is large, funny and given to bold pictures showing the various animals within the house and the plants at feeding time.

Makes you rethink looking after the neighbours pets as there’s not dog or cat insight. This book has a whole menagerie of creatures and is very funny when read to the right audience. We test drove this as a bedtime story for our two year old with mixed results! Nothing bad she just didn’t “get it”. On the plus side she pretended to eat every single piece of food the animals where eating and thought that was fabulous.

This book is suited to an older child maybe in the 4-6 year age range. It lightly deals with being responsible but for the most part is a great adventure through the animal kingdom and all the fun things certain animals like to do and like to eat given over to a few very human characteristics.

The penguins in this story love dancing on the stairs! And monkeys like to eat cupcakes but you have to watch they don’t eat all the cupcakes! The narration is in the form of a letter outlining the duties and requirements for feeding all the animals supported by fun illustrations mainly in very bold colours.

Why don’t you and your children come along for the ride and who doesn’t love a Wildebeest SP?? Thank you for looking after our Pets will make a great gift under the Christmas tree along with a box of animal biscuits or animal cookie cutters.